Venezuela's ANC strips Juan Guaido of parliamentary immunity

Thursday 4th April, 2019

CARACAS, April 4 (Xinhua/GNA) - Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on Tuesday unanimously approved the revocation of parliamentary immunity for Juan Guaido, the National Assembly president and head of the opposition.

ANC President Diosdado Cabello read the message sent by President of Venezuela's Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) Maikel Moreno, who had asked the governing body to consider revoking Guaido's parliamentary immunity.

The TSJ ruled on Monday that Guaido failed to comply with an order imposed in January prohibiting him from leaving the country.

The procedure against Guaido was also sent to the attorney general "for the purposes of the continuation of the procedure of the prosecution of high officials."

Guaido assumed the presidency of the National Assembly, which is currently being held in contempt, in early January.

On Jan. 23, he proclaimed himself "interim president" of the country, which has been recognized by the United States and several other countries in the region.

ANC member and former minister Maria Leon stated from the speaker's rostrum: "For me, the revocation is too little. How are traitors to the homeland to be treated? They don't deserve the name 'Venezuelan.'

"The people ask for justice and we are acting within the framework of justice," said ANC Vice President Tania Diaz, adding that the ANC had been elected to guarantee peace and legality in the country.

The Venezuelan Public Prosecutor is investigating the legality of Guaido's proclaiming himself "interim president" and is directing another investigation into his supposed ties to what the government calls electric sabotage, which has caused severe blackouts in the country.

The revocation of parliamentary immunity implies Venezuelan authorities may detain Guaido if necessary.