Promote gender recognition instead of gender equality - Priest

Wednesday 19th June, 2019
Reverend Canon Patrick Okaijah-Bortier
By Francis Cofie, GNA

Accra, June 19, GNA - Reverend Canon Patrick Okaijah-Bortier, the Parish Priest of St Andrews Anglican Church at Abossey Okai in Accra has urged society to promote gender recognition rather than gender equality to avoid upsetting the order of nature.

He said there should be mutual recognition of either gender “since one cannot live without the other and each has a unique role to play in God’s scheme of things.”

Rev Okaijah-Bortier gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency and said there should be equal playing field for both men and women at all levels of society and that one should not be unduly favoured merely because of gender, but position offered should be based on merit.

“The long held view and much-bandied around issue of gender equality in certain quarters of human endeavour in society is not being achieved because it is nature at work and any attempt to change the order could spell some doom,” he said.

Rev Okaijah-Bortier said education and other opportunities should be given to all sides on an equal footing without discrimination.

He urged women to understand the importance of the father figure in the lives of their children since fathers provided security, discipline, financial sustenance among others and that they should not align themselves with their children against the father because it created a vacuum in the family.

The Parish Priest further advised women to reduce the pressure they brought to bear on their husbands “since medical findings have proven that too much pressure and stress can be a potential factor to erectile dysfunction.”

He called on men to celebrate their women and wives for peace and harmony to prevail in society.