Christians urged to foster societal change

Tuesday 18th June, 2019
Punctuality Ghana 1
By Benjamin Adamafio Commey, GNA

Accra, June 18, GNA - Mr Emmanuel Amarquaye, the Lead Crusader for the Punctuality Ghana Foundation, has called on Christians to positively use their numbers to influence punctuality and hardwork at their workplaces.

He said even though Christians constituted a vast majority of the nation’s population, not much influence was brought to bear in terms of positive work ethics.

In an address at the endorsement of the Punctuality Ghana public education awareness campaign in Accra, Mr Amarquaye said the country could not compete in the global world if its citizens continued to be time unconscious.

“It is indeed inexcusable how we waste time in this part of our world while revenue we would have collected if we were punctual gets wasted away.

“We cannot desire development while we intentionally waste people’s time when providing them with services. Time wasting is productivity lost and must be avoided at all cost”.

“Our love for the country must be demonstrated in our attitude to time and work. We must believe in punctuality and hard work as the pivot to our development and we must reward same to motivate others”, he said.

Endorsing the campaign on behalf of the Methodist Church Ghana, the Most Reverend Dr Paul Boafo, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church, said time was a commodity that ought to be cherished and used judiciously.

He, therefore, called for a renewed mindset towards time in order to ensure that development was achieved.

“We always have the mentality that Africans have their own time whilst our friends from the other parts have their time. We therefore would intentionally be late for programmes, which do not augur well for our development.

“Being punctual or making use of the time allotted to you as an officer, a minister of the gospel, a leader in the church can be counted as respect for dignity,” he added.

He, however, noted that in making sure that there was punctuality, citizens must also set and adhere to the closing time of meetings and programmes to ensure its judicious use in order to facilitate development.

“As churches we should also make sure we stick to the time we start, as well as the closing time so that members will be attracted to come. Sometimes our members are not there because they think the minister keeps long, they think the service keeps long and that is why sometimes they keep late, or sometimes they don’t come at all because they have other things to do,” he noted.

While applauding Punctuality Ghana for initiating the programme, he noted that the campaign could only succeed when all had a change of mindset and treated time as a given opportunity which ought to be used profitably.

He assured Punctuality Ghana of the church’s readiness of ensuring that it was inculcated into students of various educational units, and among its directorates.

Ms Naa Meryeh Quaynor-Mettle, the Project Co-ordinator for Punctuality Ghana on her part said government’s good policy of lifting the country beyond aid would only remain a mirage if its citizens do not cultivate a good working attitude.

She also noted that Christians had a higher responsibility of ensuring that their character and attitude influenced the others and the country positively to enhance development.

The campaign which has already been endorsed by some religious leaders, civil society organisations, and political figures, among others is aimed at creating awareness of the negative impact poor attitude to time and work had on the development of the nation