Cineffekts premiers first movie on special effects makeup

Friday 19th July, 2019
Cineffekts premiers

Accra, July 19, GNA - Cineffekts Studios, a special effect make-up company has premiered its first major work in a movie titled 'Twisted” in Accra.

The short movie talked about a young man, Theo who had been affected by a crime he committed in the past which affected his mental health condition.

Theo had to see a shrink in order to keep his girlfriend and had to seek professional help to be able to come out of his problems.

Miss Gloria Sena Asare, Creative Director of Cineffekts Studios, said the movie was written to enable them to showcase to the world, the essence of proper effects of make-up in the movie making.

Miss Asare said, the movie highlighted her outfit’s specialty which was special effects make-up and they were interested in improving the quality of effects in local movies and so would be opening an institution to train people into the application of special effects in a professional manner.

She said her outfit was into prop fabrication, special effect make-up, beauty and editorial makeup, prosthetics, and art direction as well.

“We do content creation, we are not a full production house but we do create content for the internet and for TV,” she said.

Mr. Kwaku Sintim-Misa (aka KSM), a film director and television talk show host who was part of the audience commended Cineffekts Studios for a good start and urged them to keep improving on the work they do.

“I think as a work of artist it is really a great start. How realistic the effects looked was really good, and I wish them more. The cinematography and effects are so good. Great to begin with but I think they should put a little more in character development,” he said.