UHAS confers doctorate degree on Prof. Molyneux

Monday 15th April, 2019
UHAS Researcher 1

By Maxwell Awumah, GNA

Ho, April 15, GNA - The Governing Council and Management of the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) in Ho has honoured Professor David H. Molyneux, Senior Professorial Fellow of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom.

They conferred on him a Doctorate Degree for his academic prowess and dexterity in research into tropical diseases.

Mr Justice Jones Dotse, a Supreme Court Judge, who is also the Chairman of the University Council said the University was proud of the academic achievements of Prof. Molyneux, his recognition as a global brand and key advocate in raising the profile of Neglected Tropical Disease (NTDs).

He said Prof. Molyneux authored over 400 scientific write-ups, several policy documents, supervised over 50 PhDs and edited many write-ups and contributed extensively to many books and journals in his over 40 year-unadulterated professional pathways.

The University Council Chairman believed UHAS's association with Prof. Molyneux would raise the profile and "building blocks" of the University and entreated students and lecturers to learn lessons from his professional exploits.

Prof. Molyneux, said the award meant “In everything one does, know that the world is looking at you, put in your all.”

He said “I’m now a body of UHAS” and commended the research community of Ghana for contributing immensely towards the control, eradication and elimination of NTDs such as river blindness, Guinea worm and trachoma.

Professor Molyneux graduated (MA, PhD) from Cambridge University in Parasitology with research interests in tropical parasites and vectors and served as an advisor for World Health Organisation on trypanosomiasis, onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis and malaria control having extensive experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

He served as a consultant to many multinational institutions including; WHO, FAO, United Nations Development Programme, CGIAR, the World Bank, the DFID, and chaired WHO Committees on NTDs and Mosquitoes.

Prof. Molyneux is a member of two international Commissions on Disease Eradication and serving as the Executive Secretary of the Global Alliance for the Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (from 2006-2010) and currently, an advisor to the European Foundations Initiative for NTDs (EFINTD), which supports African Post-Doctoral Fellows through five European Foundations.

He is recognised globally and awarded medals from the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and the British Society for Parasitology, having served as President of both societies at different times.

Prof. Molyneux was awarded a Doctor of Science from Salford University and a Doctor of Science Honoris Causa from Georgetown University, Washington, DC, and Honorary Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University, UK, for works on NTDs.

His work on NTDs is one of the priority areas of the WHO and a target of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Professor received a citation and a commemorative African or Adinkra inscription.

The occasion was the fourth UHAS Leadership Lecture Series in memory of late President Mills on the theme, “NTDs: The Evolution of a New Paradigm in Health and Development.”