Stop accusing government for lack of development - Chief

Pabieman (G/A), Oct. 31, GNA – Nii Odumkplala I, the Chief of Odumkpla in the Ga South of the Greater Accra Region, has called on the chiefs in the area to stop putting blame on governments for lack of development.

He said until they collectively speak with one voice and stop the stomach politics their communities would continue to suffer.

Nii Odumkplala made the call during a meeting of chiefs, elders, opinion leaders and the youth group of Pabieman organised by Nii Pabie I, Chief of Pabieman to deliberate on the way forward of progress in the area.

They raised issues such as the tarring of the only road that link the communities to Nsawam, transportation problem, provision of pipe-borne water and public places of convenience as well as senior high school.

He expressed gratitude to Nii Pabie for his initiative and good intention of reviving the meeting which was hitherto held at Kofi Kwei.

Nii Odumkplala, who was the Chairman for the occasion said the time had come for the chiefs in the communities to come together and fight a common course, saying that some areas has fought on such path and they have succeeded in achieving their aspirations.

“We should focus more on our needs and appeal to the central government rather than playing politics, which in the long run will not help us,” he said, adding that; “let us put behind us what has passed and look forward with one aim.”

Nii Odumkplala assured the people that he would work in collaboration with Nii Pabie to lead the community leaders to champion the way of the people for good living standard.

Nii Pabie said governments had come and gone but their road remained in the same deplorable situation, describing it as an eye-sore to community members.

He expressed worry about the attack of  a driver of the Metro Mass Transit to  the area, which led to the withdrawal of  services, which he said is detrimental to the socio-economic activities  of the  majority of the people.

Mr Pius Kwame Fiakuna, former Assemblyman and an aspiring Independent Member of Parliament for the area, commended the chiefs for organising the meeting, saying the 1992 Constitution allows community leaders to demand their portion of development.

“However our country’s democratic dispensation has become so much partisan and polarised that if you don’t belong to any particular party you will not get help,” he said.

Mr Fiakuna said to every position there are responsibilities and asked the people to vote for him to change the face of the constituency come 2016.

Mr Isaac Efiemuasem, a member of a youth group of Pabieman said members   formed the group to offer support to the chief of the community to facilitate environmental sanitation.

He said this would help to prevent diseases as a result of open defecation which is common due to lack of places of convenience in the locality.


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Published: 2015-10-31 15:12:40
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