Western Union to expand pan-African network

Accra, July 31, GNA – Western Union Company, a global payment services, has reiterated its commitment to expand and develop its pan-African network, which provides a critical link to the growing African Diaspora around the world.

The company said more than 30 million Africans live outside their home countries contributing billions of dollars in remittances to their families and communities back home every year.

“We are very humbled to play a role in helping them move their monies as they seek to elevate their economic status, contribute to the education of future generations and in many instances build their own small businesses,” Mr Jean Claude Farah, President of Western Union Company said.

Speaking at their 20th anniversary in Africa at a ceremony in Accra, Mr Farah said the company has more than 34,000 locations in more than 50 countries and territories and they serve more than 17 million senders and receivers with a choice of 120 currencies.

Mr Farah said since opening of their first Agent location in Ghana in 1995, the Western Union network has grown to cover more than 50 countries and territories on the African continent with over 34,000 Agent locations.

He said Ghana is currently a receiving country and the company is engaging the Central Bank on the possibility of making Ghana a sending country as per the rules and regulations of the country.

He said the rebirth of Western Union and Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) indicates the is strong ties between the two institutions and commended the Managing Director of ADB, Mr Stephen Kpordzie for his vision and honesty, which is the pillar of growth for the two companies.

Mr Kpordzie, said their relationship with Western Union since 1995, brought a lot of benefits to both companies and pledged their commitment for further opportunities.

Mr Farah and his team later launched an Account Based Money Transfer system at ECOBANK where the bank’s accounts holders would receive Western Union Money transfer at no cost.


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Published: 2015-07-31 18:50:51
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