Socialist Forum of Ghana condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza

Accra, Nov. 22, GNA- The Socialist Forum of Ghana (SFG), has expressed outrage against Israel for the latest aggression against the people of Palestine in Gaza which has resulted in many innocent people losing their lives or getting wounded.


At a press conference organised in Accra on Tuesday, Mr Kwasi Pratt, a member of the SFG said the continues aggression by Israel against Palestine is an evidence of the impunity of the Jewish State, which is hell bent on defying world public opinion and international law in its brazen attempt to violate the political, economic and social rights of Palestinians.


He said, since the attack some few days ago, more than 100 Palestinians, mostly innocent women and children had been murdered by Israel with 1000 more seriously wounded.


Mr Pratt said Israel would stop at nothing to enforce its harsh colonial rule on the people who have been dispossessed of their land.


He said the 22-day war of aggression in 2008-2009 Israel code-named “Operation Cast Lead”1,400 Palestinians were killed and more than 5,000, fitting perfectly into “a pattern of assassinations, imprisonment without charge or trial, sabotage of the Palestinian national economy and thievery of Palestinian resources”.


According to Mr Kwasi Pratt, Israel has over the years achieved notoriety as the world’s prime threat to peace.


He said apart from supporting apartheid in South Africa and annexing Arab lands in Syria and Lebanon, it has continued to subvert the national security of Sudan by bombing the country in an unprovoked aggression a couple of weeks ago.


He claimed that, in spite of its war mongering and aggressive attitude, some western countries especially the United States have assisted Israel to stockpile nuclear weapons, adding: “Israel is the only country in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf which has a stock pile of nuclear weapons even as it refuses to sign international treaties guarding against the proliferations of such weapons.”


As part of measures to safeguard the peace and security of the people of Palestine and that of the world at large, Mr Kwasi Pratt called on the international community to take steps to inspect and control Israel’s nuclear arsenal.


He said the world should insist that Israel accept the United Nations resolutions on the rights of the Palestinian people including the right of refugees to return to their homelands and also hold the Israeli authorities responsible for crimes committed against humanity including crimes it has executed in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and many other places.


“The SFG is also calling on the government of Ghana to bring pressure on Israel through the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement and the African Union to abide by the norms of decency in international relations and to refrain from acts of aggression against other states.


“We are also calling for an immediate end to the aggression against Gaza and the blockade of the coastal strip,” he added.



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Published: 2012-11-22 17:34:42
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