ACDRO calls for collaborative efforts to strengthen cybersecurity

By Iddi Yire, GNA   

Accra, Feb. 24, GNA - Mr Kenneth Adu-Amanfoh, the Executive Director, Africa Cybersecurity and Digital Rights Organisation (ACDRO), said cyber challenges must be addressed through global cybersecurity efforts.

He said Ghana’s Government, like many other governments across the globe, had developed a National Cybersecurity Strategy to secure its cyberspace, critical national infrastructure, and citizens from cyber fraud.

This initiative required participation from relevant stakeholders and, therefore, the need for effective civil society engagement in the development and implementation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy to ensure transparency and digital rights of the citizens, he said.

Mr Adu-Amanfoh said this in his welcome address at a Civil Society Cybersecurity Training Workshop in Accra.

It was organised by the Global Partners Digital in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with ACDRO, under the funding of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It was on the theme: “Empowering Civil Society to Engage in the Unfolding National Cybersecurity Landscape,” and aimed at sensitising civil society on the key issues of cybersecurity and how members could engage in the unfolding institutional framework.

Mr Adu-Amanfoh said as much as the internet had become part of human life, there was a security problem for the globe, as well as Ghana and her citizens.

He mentioned identity theft, fraud, and the full monetisation of the individual as devastating risks.

He said with the concept of hacking, people tended to believe that it only affected the banks and the rich, “but to put it another way; everyone with a bank account, or mobile device that connects to the internet, whether rich or poor, are best targets of cyber-attacks.”

Adu-Amanfoh said civil society could play their role effectively if they were empowered, hence the cybersecurity training workshops to build their capacities.

Madam Lea Kaspar, the Executive Director of Global Partners Digital, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, described cybersecurity as a critical policy area, which tends to influence how people enjoy their rights in a digital environment.

She said from her perspective there were two aspects; users of the internet would want to ensure that their data was secured; and policies to be implemented to prevent such attacks must be adequate.

Madam Kaspar, who is also a human rights activist, suggested that among the measures should be laws and policies to address these threats keeping in account international human right norms and laws.

“These laws and policies must be developed in an open, inclusive and transparent way,” she added.

Madam Felicia Anthonio, the Programme Associate at Media Foundation for West Africa, told the GNA that the Foundation, over the years, had engaged stakeholders on issues of cybersecurity to ensure the safety of the internet for everyone.

She said there was a tendency to violate human rights of citizens, as such the Foundation had been very instrumental in organising workshops for CSOs and the media to raise awareness on cybersecurity and produce a policy brief on key issues identified in Ghana’s cyberspace.

Madam Anthonio said it was appropriate for government to put in place a National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy, but also underscored the need for CSOs to be part of the review and implementation process.


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Published: 2019-02-24 13:14:50
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