Promulgate legislation to regulate the use of killer robots - WILPF

By Yaw Ansah, GNA

Accra, Jan. 3, GNA - The Ghana Chapter of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has urged the government to promulgate legislations to regulate the use of autonomous weapons, also known as killer robots in the country.

Additionally, they are requesting for its implementation strategy and ensure that it was executed to keep Ghana safe from their harmful effects.

“Killer robots” are fully autonomous weapons systems, designed to choose and hit targets in battle, completely independent of human instruction.

Dr Ayo Ayoola-Amale, President of WILPF local chapter briefing the media as part the groups’ Campaign to Stop Killer Robots entreated the state to put in place stringent measures to protect the nation’s porous borders by preventing killer robots from being smuggled into the country.

As part of the campaign being funded by Mines Canada, the Group would engage the legislature, media and churches to create awareness and encourage them on the effects of killer robots and to protect the country.

She commended the government, for joining other twenty-six countries to call for a ban on fully autonomous weapons at a multilateral forum including; the Convention on Conventional Weapons as well as the United Nations General Assembly.

She explained that, although such technologies were at the testing stage, it was incumbent on governments to factor into the regulation issues including; abuse, licensing, risk mitigation and its social impact.

“All of the component technologies of autonomy flight control including; swarming, navigation, indoor and outdoor exploration, mapping, obstacle avoidance, detecting and tracking humans, tactical planning, and coordinated attack should be considered,” she said.

Madam Mercy Osei-Konadu, Vice President of WILPF noted that history showed that the first weapon to make use of “automation” was the American Civil War-era Gatling Gun, which was the forerunner of modern automatic and semi-automatic rifles.

She remarked that when a country acquired destructive techniques such as killer robots to defeat its opponent, others would be compelled to produce and use it.

Madam Osei-Konadu said, "If a hostile target has a weapon and that weapon is pointed at you, you can engage before the weapon is fired rather than after in the interest of self-protection.


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Published: 2019-01-03 20:39:01
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