Supply Chain Management Terms compendium launched

By Eunice Hilda Ampomah, GNA

Accra, Sept. 13, GNA - A compendium of Supply Chain Management Terms written by Professor Douglas Boateng, Africa's first ever appointed Professor Extraordinaire for supply and value chain management has been officially launched in Accra.

The 900-page terminologies book aimed at serving as a guide for organisations, schools and individuals associated with Supply Chain to adopt better mechanisms for successful production and distribution.

Prof Boateng said a five-year purposive global study on supply chain management, had established that major gaps still existed in knowledge and understanding of the field which negatively impacts on economic growth, industrialization, national development, and increasingly social stability.

He said much of his research and writings over the past 20 years have focused on the power of the various aspects of supply chain management and in particular, procurement, logistics and transportation to effectively facilitate industrialisation, job creation and broader socio-economic development in developing economies like Ghana.

He noted that: “Having already witnessed in my life time, the spectacular transformation through value chain thinking in developing economies like China, South Korea and even in South Africa and more recently, up and coming Rwanda, I strongly believe that Ghana can fast track industrial driven growth agenda to benefit the ordinary citizen”.

Prof Boateng explained that the all-inclusive single supply chain management reference guide is a one-stop sourcebook for supply chain related terminology, definitions, abbreviations and calculations alphabetically organized for ease of use, adding that all entries have been carefully selected for their relevance to public and private professionals, academics, and students alike.

He mentioned that there are supply chains within Banking and Finance, Tourism, Insurance, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing Petro-chemical, Media, legal, Transportation, Information Technology, Consulting, Aviation, Water and sanitation, Disaster management, Defense, fishing within government entities and departments.

Prof Boateng said when the state’s policy makers are aware of the processes of supply chain, then their actions will positively impact on the whole citizenry, adding that he has therefore printed 275 copies of the reference guide freely for all Members of Parliament.

He stressed that he has also printed 200 copies for state owned enterprises across the country and 500 copies to other private institutions and universities across the country free from a charge.

Mr Emmanuel Eze of HP Incorporated on behalf of the Company honoured Prof Boateng for his quest to contribute economically in the progress of Africa and beyond. 

Prof. Raphael Tabani Mpofu, Dean of School of Business Leadership of the University of South Africa (UNISA) said the guide would deepen the understanding of stakeholders in supply chain and promote growth of businesses across the continent and beyond.

“Looking at the continent and the problems we face, we need people like Prof Boateng who can dedicate his time which is the most important commodity for the progress of Africa and the world,” he said.

On behalf of UNISA, Prof Tabani Mpofu commended Prof Boateng for initiating an idea and dedicating years for the compendium adding that it would allow policy makers to formulate scientific policies to guard and grow industrialisation.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in a speech delivered on his behalf said it is important that the government and other private bodies apply supply chain management for promotion of industrialisation and natural resources.

He said the guide will not only serve as a reference book for students and organisations but improve export potentials, provide value for money, and promote development in various sectors of the economy.

He commended Prof Boateng for thinking about the growth of humanity especially Africa and thinking about the future of the African child in all his works.


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Published: 2018-09-13 15:36:00
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