Dissolve the GCF - Club Chairmen tell MOYS

By Simon Asare, GNA

Accra, June 13, GNA - Some club chairmen affiliated to the Ghana Cycling Federation (GCF) have called on the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MOYS) to dissolve the federation, following what they described as some "unfair and unjust" actions taken by the federation.

The GCF has been hit by some resignations by its executive members who rendered their displeasure towards unfortunate happenings and decision of the federation ahead of elective congress slated for June 22, 2018.

At a press conference, after a cycling roadshow demonstration at the Ghana International Press Center in Accra, Chairman of the River Park Cycling Club in Tamale, Mr. Adnan Imam called for a dissolution the GCF to make way for new and fresh elections.

"The MOYS need to get rid of the current executives, so that we would re-elect new ones into office to chart a new course for the federation.

"They have deliberately altered the guidelines of this election without the consent of some of its members to prevent any form competition which doesn't auger well for us. We want MOYS to clear them, so that we can have new elections.

Mr. Kofi Boakye, an aspiring candidate for the president of GCF highlighted on some of the "unjust and unfair" procedural changes effected by the current administration to sideline him from the election process, but he has petitioned the appropriate bodies in seeking redress to this disturbing development which doesn't auger well for peace among members of the federation.

"Cycling President Sahnoon Mohammed contested the 2010 and 2014 elections with seven pointer guidelines, but it has changed to 19 guidelines just because I want to contest and preventing any form competition.

"In our petition to the MOYS and the Director the National Sports Authority, if we want peace to prevail in cycling, we must look at the current executives and clear all of them.

"The slated national championship in Tamale can't come on because we've no competition in the year, we plead with the NSA not to disburse the money to the federation because 12 out of the 20 club chairmen are not in favour of the championship and congress in Tamale," he stated.

Mr. Sahnoon is seeking a third term in office having spent 11 years at the helm of office together with some of his executives.


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Published: 2018-06-13 15:22:49
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