Morocco failed a fifth world cup bid due to paper promise

Accra, June 13, GNA - Africa's hope of hosting the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) World Cup failed at the 68th Congress of the World's football controlling body.   

Instead, Africa led by Morocco, was unsuccessful, as the North American bid received an overwhelming endorsement to host the 2026 Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) World Cup.

A combined bid of America, Mexico and Canada, won the right to host the competition with 134 votes representing 67% of the votes, with the African challenge led by Morocco picking 65 votes representing 33% of the total votes.

It was the fifth time Morocco lost the bid to host the global football festival, after 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010.

The global show piece would return to the North America for the first time after 1994 solely hosted by United States of America (USA).

Reports gathered by the GNA Sports indicates that, Morocco's bid was largely on paper, with the promise of building stadiums, roads as well as other infrastructure as compared to already existing roads and infrastructure in the North American bid.

Again, FIFA inspectors prior to the voting classified the North Africa's stadiums, accommodation and transport as high risk by rewarding them with 2.7 out of five of the total evaluation.

In addition, concerns were raised over several critical aspects of the bidding as the inspection team noted that, the amount of new infrastructure required for Morocco 2026 cannot be overstated.

The report clearly made the North African bid the favourite to win the bid.


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Published: 2018-06-13 12:48:41
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