Sagnarigu NCCE sensitises public on tax

By Albert Futukpor, GNA

Sagnarigu (N/R), March 31, GNA – The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region has carried out an exercise to create awareness on tax compliance for all to pay tax to ensure national development.

The month-long exercise, which formed part of the second phase of the nation-wide tax compliance sensitisation exercise, undertaken in collaboration with Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), was on the theme: “Our Tax Our Future”.

Groups targeted as part of the exercise included artisans, transport operators, faith-based organisations, traditional authorities, opinion leaders, women’s groups, economic groups and taxable entities.

The NCCE in the Municipality also undertook dusk and dawn announcements in various communities on the need for all including informal sector operators to honour their tax obligations to the state to promote national development.

Mr Abdulai Soale, Sagnarigu Municipal Director of NCCE, who led his staff to undertake the exercise, sensitised the targeted groups on the need to pay tax and the right of tax payers to demand accountability and development from public office holders.

Mr Soale advised tax payers to demand authentic receipts when they paid tax reiterating that a tax payer was a nation builder because “Your little taxes will provide health, education and road facilities, free senior high school, extend electricity to rural areas amongst others.”

He advised all taxable entities and persons to register with the Ghana Revenue Authority to pay tax so as to avoid embarrassment such as closure of business and payment of penalties when the tax laws were enforced.

He was not happy that only about two million people including other big companies paid tax in the country to provide development for the entire population calling on the informal sector, small businesses and traders to join in paying tax to the state.


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Published: 2018-03-31 15:32:36
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