Christian Atsu to support Arms Around The Child Charity Gala

Accra, March 13, GNA – Christian Atsu, Ghana international and Newcastle United winger, would on Wednesday, March 14, host a gala dinner in Newcastle, as part of his duties as an ambassador for Arms Around The Child – a charity organisation.

The fundraising event, would be held at the Hilton Gateshead in Newcastle, with BBC News presenter Jane Witherspoon also attending.

Arms Around The Child – is charity organisation that provides shelter, education and support for children living in extreme adversity.

It operates in India, South Africa and Ghana.

The event hopes to raise enough funds to build a school in Ghana, to benefit orphaned children and local community.

Ellie Milner – Chief Executive Officer of Arms Around The Child, “we are certain that Newcastle’s strong sense of community and generosity will help make this event a success.


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Published: 2018-03-13 19:16:55
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