Ghanaians don’t show patriotism towards national activities

By Amadu Kamil Sanah, GNA

Accra, March 10, GNA - Mr Mohammed Alhassan, an Entrepreneur said most Ghanaians do not show sense of patriotism towards the country’s independence celebration.

He said Ghanaians rather devote their time to promoting international celebrations than promoting national issues.

Speaking in an interview to the Ghana News Agency on the 61st Anniversary, Mr Alhassan indicated: “Patriotism is number one and that is one thing Ghanaians have been suffering from. We are proud and open up to other celebrations than ours.”

He said the lack of commitment from Ghanaians to support national celebrations was the reason why the younger generation was not learning to be patriotic citizens and rather based on foreign celebrations.

Mr Alhassan called on Ghanaians to emulate Americans who promote everything nationalistic about their country and proud of being citizens of America.

“Countries leading in anything are patriotic. America has been using this mind game. They act like they haven’t seen any national celebration from any country at all”.

He urged Ghanaians to educate each other on the importance on how citizens should be patriotic and celebrate and promote national issues, adding that, “Foreigners celebrate so many international issues but they also put priority on their national celebrations than the international ones.”


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Published: 2018-03-10 14:36:55
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