Goo Teachers Quarters now health hazard

Goo (U/E), March 9, GNA – The Goo Primary and Junior High Schools Teachers’ quarters in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region is in deplorable state and posing health risks to teachers living there.

A Ghana News Agency (GNA) investigations revealed that the quarters, served four schools including; Goo primary, Goo Junior High, Atanseka Primary and Atanseka Junior High Schools and had developed cracks on the floors and walls while some of the iron rods used in the construction of the building are exposed and making it difficult for people to reside.

According to the occupants, during rainy seasons, they experience sleepless nights as they had to keep wake to ensure that their property was not soaked with the water that leaked through the roofs.

They stressed that the situation had created room for dangerous reptiles such as; snakes and scorpions to dwell, thereby inconveniencing the occupants as the reptiles defecate on their clothes hanged in the rooms and food stuffs.

The GNA uncovered that several letters the schools wrote to the appropriate authorities including the Bongo District Assembly and the District Education office in Bongo had not received any positive responses.

Mr Christopher Atiisi, Headteacher for the Goo JHS in an interview told the GNA that since the construction of the teachers’ quarters, in 2003, it had not seen any renovation works and said the situation was now posing health risks to the teachers occupying the residential facility stating that “scorpions have bitten people in their rooms on several occasions and a snake was also spotted and killed.”

The Headteacher noted that some of the teachers had to use part of their salaries to buy materials to maintain their rooms, especially the cracked walls and floors and said it was still not conducive for human habitation.

He observed that if the situation was not given urgent attention for renovation works to be done, it could affect academic performance of the schools as teachers would be compelled to abandon the quarters and commute from their various homes to school.

“The Teachers’ quarters which is supposed to accommodate teachers from two primary schools and two Junior High Schools can accommodate only eight teachers. Some of the teachers come from far distances like Bolga, Navrongo, Kandiga to the schools to teach and usually come late due to the lack of accommodation,” Mr Atiisi stressed.

Madam Valentina Atiah, a teacher at the Goo Primary indicated that the menace had the tendency to scare teachers from accepting postings to the schools as they would not be able to endure traveling long distances to school or living in an environment that could pose complications to their health.

She appealed to government; Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), philanthropists as well as old pupils of these schools to help renovate the old quarters and put up additional ones to enable more teachers have access to accommodation to enhance effective academic work.

Mr Charles Aseamah, Headteacher of the Goo Primary School indicated that the school was not only confronted with the problem of teachers’ accommodation, but inadequate furniture for the pupils to sit during lessons.

He noted that most of the classrooms had few furniture and the situation had compelled management to pair the pupils while those who could afford were encouraged to bring their own chairs and tables while others shared the floor.


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Published: 2018-03-09 16:18:17
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