Quash High Court decision - EC to Supreme Court

Accra, Oct. 31, GNA - The Electoral Commission (EC) on Monday invoked the supervisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to quash the judgment of an Accra High Court against it.

The judgement ordered the Commission to allow the Progressive Peoples Party to rectify anomalies on its presidential nomination forms and receive same for its candidate to take part in this year presidential polls.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said: “The Commission is of the firm conviction backed by law, that candidates seeking the highest office of the land, must take full responsibility for ensuring that their nomination forms meet the standard in form and substance required by law.

“The commission is further of the view that falsified signatures on nomination forms constitute a matter for criminal investigation and are not mere anomalies or clerical errors, which should be pointed out to candidates for corrections to be effected. “

The statement said presidential candidates were expected to ensure accuracy of information on documents, which they present under oath to public institutions and such failures if not placed on the shoulders of candidates would have serious implications to the country’s democratic growth and governance.

The Commission said in the interest of public policy and national interest it was invoking the supervisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to give clarity on the relevant aspects of the law on candidate’s nomination.

The statement said a judgment of the apex court would bring all the matters in controversy to a finality once and for all.

The commission therefore appealed to the Court to ensure an expeditious determination of the matter in the interest of national peace and cohesion under the directive of the Chief Justice.


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Published: 2016-10-31 19:11:51
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