Dr Andoh lends a hand to ailing man in court

Tuesday 4th September, 2018

By Joyce Danso, GNA

Accra, Sept. 4, GNA - Dr Dominic Obeng Andoh, the Chief Executive Officer of the Obengfo Hospital at Wejia, has exhibited his expertise at the Criminal Court One when a man, believed to be in his 60’s, nearly collapsed during proceedings.

While cases were being heard, the man walked into the court room with a lady, however, after an hour of sitting, the lady was seen vigorously shaking the man and calling for water.

During the course of the incident, which happened on Monday, Dr Obeng Andoh collected a bottle of water from a relative and offered it to the ailing man.

He then turned the Court into a consulting room asking whether the ailing man was fine. “Are you okay?” he kept asking.

Dr Obeng Andoh further demanded to know if the ailing man had eaten, had any other ailment, and was taking any medication.

He, therefore, called the Court Warrant Officer to ascertain if he could get a wheel chair from the Judicial Service Clinic so the ailing man could be sent there for treatment.

The lady who accompanied the ailing man told Dr Obengfo that the man had High Blood Pressure and he took his medication before coming to the Court.

Some minutes later a wheel chair was brought to the Court room and the ailing man was escorted to the Judicial Service Clinic.

Dr Obengfo was in court over an application for the court to release his passport.

He is on bail following the death of Stacy Offei Darko, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of National Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme at the Presidency.

Ms Offei Darko is said to have died after a cosmetic surgery at the Obengfo Hospital.